About the Project

Phase 1 of The Online Edition of Britten’s Performance Annotations has been concerned with Britten’s Mozart scores and recordings held at The Britten-Pears Library at Aldeburgh, in Suffolk. The next phase will be to consider the scores of other composers that Britten is known to have performed, such as Schubert for instance, to assess whether they also contain the same level of annotations that are found within Britten’s Mozart scores. The project will also include any performance annotations that can be found within Britten’s own compositions. Although admittedly, the preliminary search in this field has found very little so far; which is perhaps not surprising, considering Britten’s compositional style. It is hoped that over the coming years, this resource will evolve to include all aspects of Britten’s career as a performer. We would therefore be very grateful if any reader has information concerning this aspect of Britten’s life, if they would contact us to discuss it further.

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