Technical methods

Technical Methods

The scanning standards were set and monitored by Simon Brown (Birmingham Conservatoire). The website was developed and hosted using the semantic personal publishing platform, Wordpress v.3.4.1. In addition to being made available under the General Public License version 2 and therefore free to use, this meant that the design, build and development of the website can be easily copied for other purposes and similar academic endeavours. Another advantage of using WordPress was the ease of content management, social networking integration and the tools for online display, manipulation and searching of the images. The software, Zoomify was used as the preferred method of image-display system. This allows musicians and academics to search and browse the images, some of which are different sizes, to move easily between and compare multiple manuscripts and editions of the same piece. The following pages hope to give sufficient instructions on how this site was built, and therefore enable other users to develop, build and maintain their own sites for similar research projects in the future.